Reason #13

The team has been raving about Sheryl Sandberg's new book Lean In. Get everyone on board with an office book club.

  • bookmark

Reason #72

Treat the company to a showing of Star Trek 2: Into Darkness or give employees the options to catch it after work.

  • video

Reason #42

Music streaming gets people talking and brings them together. Now everyone can listen to the new Daft Punk album.

  • music

Reason #3

Staying late for a last minute QA session deserves some pizzas on the house.

  • utensils

Reason #21

You know that "2:00 in the afternoon" feeling? Nothing like a cold brewed coffee to work through it.

  • coffee

Reason #96

The weather is going to be beautiful this weekend. It's time for some BBQ and beach fun -- company roadtrip!

  • car

Reason #85

Get that office fitness competition going. Sweat it out for fun and trophies!

  • dumbbell

Reason #27

The sales team just landed a huge account. Congratulate them with a home cleaning service.

  • broom

Reason #45

Can't stop talking about the new season of Arrested Development? Get everyone in on the joke.

  • playvideo

Reason #8

Learn to roll your own sushi at a company sushi making class.

  • palmtree

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